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Recent News

Oct 1 2020
Each year, the Stanford ChEM-H Chemistry/Biology Interface training program makes application fee waivers available for students applying to graduate school at Stanford. Students applying to Stanford PhD programs in engineering, chemistry, or the biosciences may be eligible to receive a fee waiver...
Jun 24 2020 | Stanford ChEM-H
The annual CBI retreat, which was held virtually for the first time this year, provides current trainees the opportunity to share and learn about research happening across the institute. 
May 26 2020 | Stanford ChEM-H
ChEM-H graduate students reveal how the forest of sugars on a cell’s surface could help in the defense against flu infection.
May 14 2020 | Stanford ChEM-H
ChEM-H student Kolade Adebowale awarded National Institutes of Health fellowship for research at the intersection of materials science and cancer therapy.
In her own words Chemistry/Biology Interface trainee Jackie Carozza, graduate student in the lab of Lingyin Li, tells the story of her bridging chemistry and biology to discover a new extracellular signaling role for cGAMP in charging the anti-cancer immune response.